Apple’s Retina display is the most innovative thing ever for the third time

Yesterday at the annual WWDC conference, Apple announced the next generation of their Macbook Pro. Among other tweaks to the hardware, the latest in the line will feature a 2880 x 1800 resolution Retina display. This is great news for people who are worried about people reading their screen over their shoulder and web developers who didn’t have enough screens to deal with. Apple once again shows us a technology we didn’t know we needed, but have to have. Their innovative use of high pixel density has blown away Apple analysts and fanboys. And you can see Apple refining the technology with each iteration. The iPhone 4’s screen pixel density is 326 ppi. Apple outdid themselves with the iPad 3 having a pixel density of 264 ppi, and now the latest Macbook Pro will sport a 220 ppi pixel density. That’s a reduction of 33% in just 2 years! Innovation!

Gilbert Godfrey tries to use the new Macbook Pro

So what will Apple do next with their innovative technology? What screens can we improve that we didn’t know needed an improvement. As an Apple rumors expert, Mockcrunch has a few ideas. When I walk up to a Coke Freestyle Machine, I can totally see the pixels in those logos. How about clock faces. Sure, I can read the time when there’s 7 LED’s for each number, but can I feel it? What if we up those 7 LED’s to 700? That would get me out of bed in the morning.

Perhaps you’ve been annoyed by pixelated tail lights. With Retina tail lights on cars, you won’t have to look at pixels while at a stop light. It will look just like one big light. Speaking of waiting at lights, stop lights could use more pixels. I hate having to stare at red lights that have spaces in between the red. When will we have Retina stop lights?

We’ll just have to wait and see when Apple will make their next innovative play, like bringing Siri to iPad 3. I could really use Siri on my Macbook Pro.

Live at Apple’s WWDC 2012 Keynote

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01:54pm And that’s it! From what I’ve been able to hear, sounds like there were a lot of great announcements. Thanks for spending your afternoon with Mockcrunch! I gotta get out of here.

01:52pm I really hope there’s a One More Thing. And I hope that One More Thing is either free food or a cleanup crew for this gross isle.

01:48pm This thing is really long. I really wasn’t anticipating this. I should’ve eaten some food beforehand.

01:45pm People are gasping at something called “flyover”. Not sure what it is yet.

01:42pm I’m not sure if my nausea is causing me to hallucinate or not, but I think I just heard that the new maps have turn-by-turn directions!

01:39pm Powering through just for you guys. New maps have been announced for iOS!

01:37pm Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how gross it is where I am. It’s really difficult to pay attention.

01:34pm I can’t concentrate. It smells like puke. What the hell is wrong with people.

01:32pm Wow. This guy right next to me just THREW UP. He said “I’m sorry guys. I’m just so excited.” God, so gross.

01:30pm I just bought Facebook stock because of Facebook integration with iOS 6. Though WiFi is pretty bad in here. I’m not sure if the order went through or not.

01:29pm FaceTime is getting some face time. I just heard it will be available on cellular data now!

01:27pm There’s a new Do Not Disturb feature on iOS. I just told the guy in front of me “Wish I had that feature for YOU”

01:21pm Someone just shouted at the top of their lungs “SIRI IN MY CAAAARRRR”

01:18pm They are definitely talking about SIRI. How do I know? Douchebag in front of me says “I could do that on Android’s voice control for years. Hahaha”

01:12pm Side note, how long is this freakin thing?

01:10pm Ok, we’re on to iOS 6! Here we go!

01:10pm I just told the guy in front of me that if he doesn’t shut up, I’m going to smash my outdated Macbook over his head. He’s quiet now, and I’m able to hear some of this now!

01:07pm Jesus. This laptop is burning my crotch.

01:05pm I think I’m hearing some dubstep… ?

01:04pm I know I’m missing some of the updates. But if you were in my seat, you’d understand how difficult this is. And this guy in front of me WON’T SHUT UP.

01:01pm I could really go for a power nap

12:59pm I swear, every skinny guy from Apple looks the same. At least from where I’m sitting.

12:55pm WTF. My computer went to sleep.

12:55pm alfhduahldsudhldashfsddsflauhasdldsfhuflahadfsludsfhfds

12:54pm Well, that didn’t last long. I was forced to move back to my seat. :(

12:52pm Sitting on the isle floor! You’re going to get some killer updates until I get kicked out! Ok, here we go. We’re on Mountain Lion. They are talking about iCloud.

12:50pm I’m going to try sneaking up closer guys. This isn’t going well. Hold on.

12:46pm Wait wait, no. Apparently he said “Lion”. That doesn’t even sound that much like iPhone. Sorry guys.

12:46pm OMG a new iPHONE!! Confirming..

12:44pm Retina Macbook is apparently 2200 dollars! Well, I’m buying it. I have no money, but I’m buying it.

12:42pm There’s a video being played right now. I wish I could tell you more, but seriously, I really can’t see or hear it. I’m pretty annoyed here. They definitely oversold tickets to this event. We are way too far back.

12:40pm Nope, nevermind. Definitely not Steve Jobs. From the side though, I swear, damn near spitting image of him.

12:40pm Guys, I swear I just saw Steve Jobs roaming around. Maybe he faked his own death!

12:37pm “Yeah, this Macbook sounds great. But it’ll be like 3 thousand bucks. No one is gonna be able to afford this thing.” – that Apple hater in front of me.

12:35pm Back in my seat! Ok, definitely a new Macbook has been presented. I just saw a guy throw his Macbook into the trashcan! It’s getting weird in here.

12:32pm Some guy passed me. “Retina display Macbook. Pretty amazing huh?” Awesome! I must have missed it.

12:30pm Wow, no one in this bathroom right now. Every Apple fanboy is holding it.

12:29pm Posting from the urinal. LOL

12:28pm I really have to go to the bathroom. I can’t continue to hold it. BRB

12:27pm People are going nuts! I seriously have no idea why.

12:23pm New Macbooks confirmed! I am hearing it mentioned quite a bit around me.

12:22pm Boom. Got a power adapter from that Apple hater in front of me. For someone who hates Apple so much, he sure seems to have quite a few Apple products.

12:20pm This Macbook Air CANNOT hold a charge. I need a power adapter. Fast.

12:19pm Cheering ensues!

12:17pm “I’d love to see any new feature here that Android isn’t already doing.” This guy in front of me is talking so loud. That’s all I can hear.

12:11pm I can’t be sure, but I think I’m hearing Chinese language.

12:10pm They are showing a video. We’re pretty far in the back so I can only barely hear it. I can’t see it at all.

12:09pm I heard something about apps, but I’m pretty preoccupied trying to get this working. Hold on.

12:03pm Dang it guys, I’m having trouble getting logged into WordPress. One sec.

8 predictions for Apple’s WWDC keynote based on the invitation

Monday is Christmas for Apple fanboys. One of Apple’s biggest events, the World Wide Developer Conference is coming up next week. Apple’s Keynote during this event has historically unveiled many new Apple products and features, ranging from new iPhones and Macs to major iOS software updates and more. Rumors are right on schedule, flooding in this week as to what could potentially be on the agenda for Apple and what new amazing things we can expect to be revealed.

At Mockcrunch, we aren’t fooled. We know Apple has a history of giving little announcement clues with the event invitation. So we’re going to analyze the shit out of it. Here we go.

1. Hologram of Steve Jobs will, in fact, make an appearance.

We covered this rumor once already. But, this invitation clearly confirms it. Take a look at the transparency right in the middle of the apple logo. The squares make a point to reveal a lack of opacity. Apple is trying to tell us something. Transparency very much relates to the appearance of a holographic image. If we’re reading this correctly, we’ll see a resurrection of Steve Jobs in just a few days.

2. iPhone Nano is coming

Take a look at the squares inside the logo. You’ll notice that they are all scaled in different sizes. And, the squares look exactly like iOS app icons. The scaling icons represent multiple screen sizes. Right now, iOS apps have 2 scales – the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. Apple is clearly trying to tell us that they will be adding another screen size to their lineup of iOS products. And given the number of tiny squares, we are looking at a dead giveaway. iPhone Nano.

3. The iPhone 5 will be revealed.

Look at the date they chose to start with – the day of their keynote. June 11th. Interesting, I’d say. Let’s look back at June 11th in history. MS Dos 5.0 was released in 1991. 5.0. iPhone 5. In 1983 , “My Love” by Lionel Richie peaked at #5. People love Apple products. In 1905, Penns Railroad debuted the fastest train in world. Will Apple debut the fastest phone in the world? This is beginning to seem a little too obvious.

4. Apple will bring factory operations to the U.S.

It seems Apple is making a case for really emphasizing “in San Francisco”. Yet, they don’t tell you where the actual conference will be taking place. What help is it to know what city the event is in without knowing the conference’s address or venue? It’s not helpful. It’s a clue. After all the bad press Apple received about the conditions of their China-based factory, Foxconn and the disappointment people have shared for their factory outsourcing habits, Apple is trying to tell us that they want to be in San Francisco and are proud of it. Apple is indicating that they want their products to say Made in San Francisco. And they will. Soon.

5. Improved iOS calendar

This one is practically slapping us in the face. The conference is 5 days, yet Apple’s invitation refers to the length of this event as a “week”. They have decided to label 5 days as a week. This is a metaphor for our busy lives – never having enough time and the difficulties of keeping track of dates and schedules. We expect to see some innovation on the iOS calendar – or maybe something even more interesting.

6. Apple intends to further expand globally, reaching all remaining countries

The week we’ve all been waiting for. All defines entirety of humanity. No one is left out from “all”. We expect Apple to be making an announcement that they will be selling their products to every remaining country on this planet.

7. iOS will get a nice speed boost

Yes, our iPhones have kept us waiting. We’ve all been waiting while apps slowly launch and websites take their time to load. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. Faster iOS. It all makes sense.

8. Apple is lobbying for a Mitt Romney presidency

This one is more of a guess. But look closely – there is no space between WWDC and 2012. Ignore the first WW, you’ll see DC2012. Washington DC. Election year. Mitt’s full name is Willard Mitt Romney – the First W. The second either stands for “win” or “White House”. We’re not sure yet. But all signs point to a lobbying effort from Apple. This is a strange decision from such a liberal company.

There you have it folks. We’re about to see another big Apple event. There is lots on the horizon, from iPhones to Romnies. We’ll keep an eye out next week.