Apple adds “Shake-To-Undo” iOS feature to Mountain Lion. Computers breaking already.

With Mountain Lion on the horizon, more and more iOS (mobile) features are starting to make their way to Mac OS X, Apple’s desktop operating system. Beginning with Lion, Apple made it clear that they had a vision to merge the experience of the iPad with the Mac. Mountain Lion plans to take this concept a few steps further, touting new features such as tighter iCloud support, Notification Center, iMessages, Voice Dictation and more, all features well-known to the iOS platform. Today, Apple has added yet another iOS feature to their roster, one that just doesn’t sound like a good idea: Shake-To-Undo.

Shake-To-Undo has been around on iOS since the early days of the iPhone. How does it work? Simply shake the device and a popup appears with a button allowing the user to Undo their last action. It’s a handy and useful feature for iPhones and iPods. iPads, not so much, as its size makes it awkward and a disaster waiting in the wings. Take that further, and now we’re all about to be violently shaking our Macbook Pros and 27″ iMacs when we make a typo.

Only hours after this featured went live in the latest update to the Mountain Lion preview, damaged Mac reports are already coming in. We reached out to David Dougly, a beta user of Mountain Lion and now damaged iMac owner. “Are you f*cking kidding me? What happened to CMD+Z? Is this supposed to make Mac OS X better? Jesus Christ. I tried lifting up my 27″ iMac to shake the god damned thing. I threw my back out and dropped the iMac besides. I’m downgrading to Lion.”

Another beta user, Jake Gruffy, claimed he absolutely destroyed his Macbook Pro. “I needed to Undo so I tried CMD+Z and it didn’t work. I had to Google around, only to discover this horrendous new Undo method. I sighed, picked up my Macbook Pro and shook it a few times. It didn’t work, so I shook it harder. You know what? I saw the stupid Undo popup appear, but only for a split second because it was flying through the air towards the wall. My Macbook Pro looked as if it had been run over by a cement truck. What a total nightmare.”

According to our sources, CMD+Z has been entirely replaced with Shake-To-Undo and there is no alternative method available.

A new app launches on the App Store [BREAKING]

A company has finally turned their popular website application into an iOS app. Users have been asking for a mobile application for quite some time, as the website experience on their mobile browsers has been poor. Today, after waiting for what has seemed like years but was actually just months, this company’s application has finally launched on the App Store!

This new app includes many features from the website, but for whatever reason, some features are missing. However, the app experience actually seems to be better than the website experience due to simplification of the product. We believe that many users will love the ability to quickly access certain key features from their mobile device that they couldn’t access easily before. Though the interface is nice, there are some issues that need to be addressed. First, one of the features from the website just doesn’t work quite as well on the app. Second, one of the other features doesn’t support something that is important to many users. We’re also hearing that there is a bug that only affects older mobile devices and devices running outdated software. Lastly, many users are upset that this application only supports the last few versions of their mobile software, as apparently many people still haven’t updated to the latest version and feel like developers should care about them.

We expect to see many improvements in the next update of the app. The company’s CTO ensures us that the developers are working hard to add the missing features to the app.

We’re so excited to launch a mobile version of our application. We believe our users want to access our application anywhere, and now they can. We know we are missing some key features, but we wanted to get this version of the application out to satisfy our users. We are working hard to get all of our features in the app. In fact, we can tell you that our next update will absolutely include that one feature everyone wants. We think they will be thrilled with it.

What’s next for the company? “We’ve got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. We can’t talk about them just yet”, he said with a smile. The company also told us that they have plans to release an Android app, but blamed “device fragmentation” and gave us no indication of time frame. We were also told that they do not expect to have a Blackberry or Windows Phone app anytime in the near future.


Apple’s Q1 Victory: iPhones outsell Hotcakes for the first time

Last week, Apple announced it’s superb first quarter 2012 earnings, beating estimates yet again and bringing in more revenue than many countries. It was no surprise that Apple’s range of popular products and services continued to sell very well, as their recent dominance has yet to waver. But one statistic has come as a shock to many analysts, as it truly puts into perspective just how many iPhones Apple sold this quarter.

Today, Hotcakes of America, a corporation that distributes and oversees all hotcakes nationwide, released their Q1 earnings of 2012. There were only 36.13 million hotcakes sold this quarter, nearly 1 million less than total iPhones sold. This is a significant win for Apple, as hotcake sales have long been a universal benchmark to measure success.

Is this a sign that people are eating less hotcakes, or that Apple has discovered the real secret to satisfying the apetites of our generation. We reached out to Anthony Jemima, COO of Hotcakes of America for some insight.

“Well you have to understand, part of the problem here is pancakes. Hotcakes are not pancakes. This is a very common misconception. Unfortunately for us, chains such as IHOP and Denny’s have helped establish pancakes as an American breakfast norm. When we landed our major partnership with McDonald’s, we felt we were on the right track to continued supremacy. The truth is, hotcake sales are down. We’re not happy about it”, said Jemima. “But let’s be clear. Hotcakes aren’t going anywhere.”

We asked Anthony what’s next for hotcakes. “We’re currently looking for a Community Manager to help us engage on Social Media channels. We intend to launch a major campaign later this year to put hotcakes back in the spotlight. I can tell you one thing – you ever see pictures floating around the Internet of rabbits with a pancake on their head? The original was a hotcake. Yes, we’re going there.”

Apple announces plans for Statue of Liberty Apple Store

Fresh off of an announcement to transform education and textbooks, Apple has just released plans for their next Apple Store; right in the crown of one of the most historical landmarks in the world – the Statue of Liberty. Apple is no stranger to expanding its famous retail chain to historical landmarks. One of Apple’s most recent stores just opened its doors inside of Grand Central Station. However, building a store in the Statue of Liberty is a particularly bold move for Apple, as they run the risk of tarnishing their golden reputation. Some may feel that Apple is defacing one of the most iconic monuments on our planet. Others will likely enjoy the convenience of scheduling a Genius Bar appointment so they can get their iPhone fixed while touring the statue.

We reached out to famous New York architect and historian Francis King to get his perspective on this news. “Please tell me this is a joke”, he said. “No, seriously, you’re kidding, right?” When I showed him the press release, he replied, “This may very well be the worst news I have ever received in my entire life. This is a disgrace to our country, our history, and everything I believe in.” He was barely able to finish his sentence before vomiting all over himself.

We contacted a few travelers who recently visited the Statue of Liberty for their thoughts. Jason Baylop, a 56 year old father from Dallas said, “Well, I’ve got an Apple Store about 10 minutes from my home. If I wanted to buy an iPod, I’d get in my car and go buy it. Standing at the top of the Statue of Liberty certainly wouldn’t increase my desire to buy one.” We also spoke with a 26 year old from the Bronx. “When the iPad 3 launches, you can bet I’ll be camping out on Lady Liberty’s head with a bunch of others. We’ll be like lice”, he said, offering me a fist bump.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO released an official statement.

It is my honor to announce the Statue of Liberty Apple Store. We think it will be our most iconic Apple Store yet. We’re thrilled to provide magical devices and services to the millions of people that visit this monument every year. We believe this Apple Store will not only symbolize our spot in American history as one of the most important innovators, but it goes hand-in-hand with what we work to achieve every day at Apple – at the intersection of Technology, Liberal Arts, and Social Studies. We are honored to be able to join the Statue of Liberty in saying “Welcome to America!”