Google Voice updates service; Adds no features

Google’s name has been synonymous with innovation for the last decade. Beyond improving search, they’ve changed the way we collaborate with documents, the way we browse the web, and the way we buy non-apple smartphones. When Google announced that they were buying Grand Central and releasing it as Google Voice, it showed that Google was also going to change the way we use our phone numbers.

But many have been disappointed with the service over time. Although its tough to predict where Google is going to take any product, they don’t seem to have added any features to the service since the acquisition. And the features that remain seem to continually degrade in quality. It turns out that this is not a mistake. We spoke with the project’s lead and hipster advocate Hugo Fixies.

Products today are all about the new. What can we do that’s different. It’s all crap man. The best stuff has already happened. All the best records have been pressed. All the best t-shirts have been printed and are on sale at The Buckle. So one day it hit us. What if we wen’t backwards. Instead of innovating, we denovate.

Don’t you remember texting in the good old days? You couldn’t just text a video to someone. You couldn’t even text a picture. You had to describe it in 160 characters. Remember when you would get the same text from a friend every day for a week because the service glitched out. We want to recreate that feeling for people.

Fixies continued to talk about more directions Google could take its phone service to better serve the nostalgia market, which consists of Blackberry and Motorola Razr users. Adding T-9 text input to the app and ala cart pricing per text. When speaking about his vision he added, “I would consider it a real achievement if we could get analog static noise in the background of calls for customers who had bad signal. It would be real man. Just like the old days. That’s what we’re working towards. Past is the new future.”