Take turns controlling your city with King For A Day, the Turntable.fm of local government

We have so many options these days for listening to music. Besides just pirating music, you can listen to ad based services like Pandora and Spotify, and there are even a few people that pay for their music. Last year, Turntable.fm gained traction as an application that allows you and your friends to be DJ’s in your very own virtual club. This was an excellent move by Turntable.fm’s creators because all your friends have such great taste in music, and really understand how one track leads into another. More recently, Thefuture.fm launched a service where you can listen to whole sets recorded by professional DJ’s. So, anyone with a laptop. The friend-dj trend has lead tech entrepreneurs to experiment with this crowdsourcing method.

King For A Day allows you and your friends to become leaders of local government. Just sign in with facebook, give permission to post on your behalf, and you have full control of your city. Choose which social services are funded. Plan public transit routes. Raise and lower taxes as you see fit. Force private industry into accepting your terms through rezoning. Think there should be more parks? Build some. Want a mountain vista outside of town? Terraform the land to your liking. City employees are at the ready to do your bidding.

King for a Day’s founder James Sperman is a 21 year old economics student at Grinnell college in Grinnell, IA. We spoke with Sperman about his inspiration for the site.

At King for a Day, we were looking for ways to make government more democratic. I believe that people have their best interest at heart, and most people know what’s best for society. The next time your friends complain about their local government, you can ask them, “Think you could do better?”

Sperman added, “If things get boring, you can always call in a natural disaster.”