Google announces AdShirts product to monetize Project Glass

Today’s post has been written by Tim Sylvester, Founder of Integrated Roadways, an innovative solution for building better, cheaper and more advanced roads.

The tech world hasn’t been able to stop talking about Google’s recently revealed Project Glass, which represents the fusion of two nerd staples, monitors and glasses. Google’s Sebastian Thrun recently demonstrated prototypes which look nothing at all like someone broke Geordi LaForge’s visor, and allows you to seamlessly record videos of yourself doing completely insignificant daily tasks.

Google’s new technology is a major addition to its portfolio, which has easily kept pace with its recent string of product hits. With Google Glass, you no longer have to call your friends and ask what happened after your sixth rum and coke – you can simply rewind and play back. So that’s where your shoes went!

Insiders have informed us that Google’s next project expands the Glass into apparel with their flagship AdShirts digital t-shirt platform. The shirts themselves look like a solid color. However, when you put the glasses on, ads appear. Using startup EyeVerify’s eye tracking and identification technology, the AdShirts platform tracks and identifies your viewers, displaying ads targeted to their interests. For example, if you recently searched for “protein shakes”, you may see a walking ad for Muscle Milk.

AdShirts are available at no cost. The wearer will can make money in a tiered affiliate marketing program for impressions and sales. According to our sources, the Google wearable platform is expected to see a major marketing push in Q4, 2012. Our sources tell us that a partnership has been made with Paramount Pictures, and Jacob and Edward of the Twilight series will be wearing AdShirts in the next Twilight film.

In response to Google’s AdShirts announcement, Facebook CEO Steve Zuckerbing, in conjunction with partner Donna Karan, has announced Facebook’s competing line of wearable clothing, FBDKNY. These stylish denim shirts, vests, and pants will respond to your natural rhythms, automatically posting your status to Facebook as you go about your daily life. Facebook is rumored to have been working on this line in secret for some time, but were delayed by sweating and farts.

Foursquare has also reportedly been collaborating with FBDKNY so that your pants will automatically check-in when you sit down at a new location, but has been plagued by false positives, with 90% of check-ins being accidental by persons trying to play Blockus while pooping.
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