4 Amazing SEO Strategies That Guarantee Increased Traffic to Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization is a key strategy for driving traffic from searches on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Many media blogs leverage and sometimes abuse this strategy by making multiple posts about popular, trending topics to capitalize on search traffic. Their trick is they include searchable keywords in their content. We have studied SEO extensively and have 4 key strategies you can deploy on your blog to increase traffic.

1. Microsoft Surface keyboard cover Windows 8 RT tablet

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2. Apple iOS 6 iPhone iPad beta software update Siri features

Apple Maps Google turn-by-turn directions voice Siri flyover 3D view buildings street. Do not disturb email VIP contacts push notifications phone iMessages SMS text sleep night. New App Store calendar bluetooth Passbook Starbucks airline boarding pass. Shared photo streams iCloud tabs Safari browser sync. FaceTime 3G 4G video chat call available.

3. Facebook Facebook Facebook; Facebook Facebook

Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook, Facebook IPO. Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook iOS 6 Facebook integration. Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook, Mobile Facebook , Facebook and Facebook. Facebook Ads Facebook Facebook Platform, Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook App Center. Facebook Facebook Facebook, Facebook Status Update. Facebook Photos, Facebook Facebook. Facebook!

4. Macbook Pro Retina Display High Resolution Fast Upgrade Laptop

Apple WWDC screen resolution dense pixels photo video editing fast SSD hard drive. Intel Ivy Bridge Nvidia GeForce GT 650M Magsafe 2 power adapter Thunderbolt. Mountain Lion OS X Facebook Twitter AirPlay video mirroring Apple TV. Airport Express Mini DisplayPort accessory 2.7GHZ Quad-Core i7 processor turbo boost. Battery Life. Think Different.

If you follow these strategies, there’s no telling how much traffic you’ll drive to your blog. Search is a huge opportunity. Don’t let your blog get lost in the cold, vast Internet.

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