Hologram of Apple’s Steve Jobs To Appear At iPhone 5 Keynote [RUMOR]

We received a juicy rumor today that Apple is planning to bring Steve Jobs back to life in the form of a hologram to announce the next iPhone at Apple’s upcoming keynote event. According to our source, Apple has been working with AV Concepts, the team that created the incredible Tupac Hologram which made its appearance just last week at Coachella. They are digitally recreating Steve Jobs’s body and voice, allowing Apple to create entirely new product announcements that the hologram of Steve Jobs can lead, creating the illusion that Steve Jobs was brought back to life on stage.

This is a very calculated move by Apple, as the last keynote lead by Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, lacked the spark, excitement, and famous “reality distortion field” that only Steve Jobs could deliver. Many believe Steve Jobs’s charisma and presentation prowess was a key contributor to Apple’s massive turn-around over the last decade. This is a natural move for Apple, allowing the company to continue to create the “must have” reaction and instant emotional product attachment that Jobs consistently produced.

We reached out to a Dave Carbon, a tech editor at the Wall Street Journal for a comment. “Apple is smart. They know they are missing the famous ‘reality distortion field’ and it’s only a matter of time before this begins to affect Apple’s brand. It’s only natural that they evolve the ‘reality distortion field’ to include Steve Jobs’s existence. There’s some sort of ironic serendipity there.”

How will everyone react? Some may feel its in poor taste – others will be blown away at the illusion of Steve Jobs’s revival. Will this hurt or help Apple’s brand?


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