Survey Shows 93% of Pinterest Users Don’t Understand Pinterest

A recent survey conducted on 1,000 Pinterest users shows that a large majority of users joined the hot new social service without even understanding its purpose. Of those users, 80% of them don’t even know where to begin or why they are even on the service.

As recent stats show, Pinterest popularity is skyrocketing, as their traffic has increased 40x over the last 6 months. But what are these users using the service for? No one really knows. In fact, we reached out to some of the most active Pinterest users and asked how they are using the service. Mona Fonsworth, age 42, says she spends roughly 6-7 hours a day using the service. She makes use of her “pinboard” by “pinning” pictures of random things she comes across. We asked her to give us an idea of the sort of things she likes to pin. “I honestly don’t keep track. At this point, I’m just using it as a photo album.” said Mona. “Yesterday, I pinned a picture of my overflowing trash bin to remind myself to stop being lazy and take it out.”

We interviewed one user who pins nothing but photos of his grandmother. When we asked him why, he replied “I don’t know. She’s interesting. Isn’t that the point?” Another user was so flustered by Pinterest, he yelled at us. “I’m done”, he said. “What am I supposed to pin, my dog? A picture of me singing in the shower? The tea I made this morning? The color blue? This is bullshit. If I’m supposed to take a picture of everything I like, it can kiss my ass.”

We even came across some users who have been diagnosed with Pinterest-related illnesses. We caught up with a local psychiatrist, Doctor Huntsberg to help us get to the bottom of this. “It seems that the stress and confusion of being so close to understanding the service, but not quite getting there, is pushing a lot of people to their limits”, she said. “We’re seeing many of these people developing mild to severe nausea, anxiety and even depression.” When we asked her what she recommends to others who may be experiencing these symptoms, she said “Just use Facebook. It makes a lot more sense.”


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